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The smart way to keep TPMS kits easy to access, easy to find and easy to organize. This Smart Cart is designed specifically for the storage of TPMS service kits, valves and tools.

Features include:

• Heavy-duty steel design with a durable powder coat finish and 3” locking casters
• Compact design measuring 38”W x 23”D x 58”H
• Hanging bin rack with two-sided slotted uprights, doubling the storage capacity
• Flip-out bins made of durable ABS plastic
• Spill-proof drawers won’t pop open while moving
• Integrated handle, label holder and a transparent window

The standard TPMS Smart Cart consists of 43 flip-out storage bins and 9 hanging storage bins mounted on a heavy-duty mobile cart.

Storage Side One – For TPMS Service Kits

• Three different flip-out bins sizes to match service kit popularity and maximize storage area
• Easily move and expand bins to accommodate new parts
• Each bin is labeled with the service kit part number

Storage Side Two – For Traditional Tire Valves

• Storage bins in three sizes accommodate the most popular rubber tire valves
• Use for additional service kits or other wheel service supplies

TPMS Smart Cart – Smart Storage Components

Expand the TPMS Smart Cart storage capacity using the following additional accessories.

Flip-Out Bins

Connect flip-out bins together vertically or horizontally. You can also mount these bins to the wall.

• 6-Bin Group (DY-306)
• 5-Bin Group (DY-605)
• 4-Bin Group (DY-604)

Hanging Bins

Hanging bins come in three sizes and are easily stackable.

• Small (DY-220)
• Medium (DY-230)
• Large (DY-235)

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