25-Gallon UL Listed Steel Gas Caddy




Designed for the professional automotive service facility, this UL Listed steel gas caddy is rigorously tested for leakage, rupture, stability, abuse and endurance. It is also OSHA compliant with all safety guidelines for gas handling.

For use with:

• Gasoline
• Kerosene
• Transmission Fluid


• 25-gallon capacity steel tank
• UL Listed and complies with OSHA guidelines
• UL Listed cast iron rotary pump
• 8″ steel wheels
• Fill level gauge
• Fire-screened vent and filler neck
• Wide base for stability
• 8′ PVC suction/discharge hose with internal steel grounding wire
• Tank ground wire and clamp
• Decal set for content identification
• Two-way filter kit available

Capacity 25-Gallons
Material 14-Gauge steel
Pump Two-way, UL Listed cast iron rotary
Wheel Size 8″ Heavy-duty steel
Dimensions 21”W x 13”L x 46” H
Weight 95 lbs.

UL Listed Pump

This heavy-duty, UL Listed cast iron rotary pump with carbon vanes and Viton seals offers a two-way operation for siphoning or dispensing fuel. One gallon is delivered for every 12 revolutions on the pump handle.

Ground Wire and Clamp

The ground wire and clamp mounted on the rear handle bracket make for easy, safe grounding access. Always attach the ground wire to the vehicle before transferring fuel.

Combination Vent & Fill Cap

Easily dispense fuel directly into the gas caddy. The vent prevents excess buildup of fumes and helps to extinguish flames in the event of fire.

Heavy-Duty Steel Wheels

The 8″ steel wheels easily carry a full fuel load of over 300 lbs.

Spark Proof Front Feet

For additional safety, the front feet feature aluminum skid plates to prevent sparks.

Fill Level Gauge

The fill level gauge allows you to quickly and easily check the tank fuel level.

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25-Gallon UL Listed Gas Caddy Flyer
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