1.7-Gallon Vacuum Fluid Extractor – Manual Pump


This easy-to-use hand pump Fluid Extractor is designed to manually remove fluids through filler ports and dipstick tubes. This extractor provides a clean, fast and simple way to evacuate a wide range of fluid types including engine oil, transmission fluids, gear oil, coolant, brake fluids and more. It is perfect for use with automobiles, small engines, boating, landscaping equipment, ATVs, motorcycles, farm equipment, snowmobiles and much more.

The manual pump vacuum operation eliminates the need for compressed air making this extractor portable and versatile. Extract fluids through filler ports and dipstick tubes using the included extractor tubes.

Features include:

• 1.7 gal. (6.5l) reservoir
• Hand pump activated vacuum operation
• Heavy-duty polyethylene construction
• Chemical resistant
• Convenient carry handle
• Extractor tube holder
• Sliding foot pedal for stability
• Automatic stop to prevent overfill
• Replacement tube set available (No. CJ-006)
• Full color retail package

Extractor tubes included:

• Dipstick tube: .23 in. OD x 2.9 ft. long (5.8mm x .85m)
• Dipstick tube: .26 in. OD x 2.9 ft long (6.7mm x .85m)
• Main extraction tube: .39 in OD x 3.2 ft. long (9.8mm OD x 1m)


Reservoir capacity

1.7 Gallons (6.5l)

Max Operating Temperature

212° F (100°C)


6.6 lbs. (3 kgs.)

Package size

25.7” x 7.0” x 7.0”


Resource Downloads:

Fluid Extractor Flyer
User’s Manual


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