20-Gallon Fluid Evacuator with Transparent Bowl




Remove used oil and other fluids from any vehicle when conventional draining methods are not practical. Fluid evacuators remove used oil and other “non-flammable” fluids from almost any vehicle using compressed air and an on-board venturi vacuum system.

Features include:

• 20-gallon capacity
• Heavy-duty steel construction
• Powerful venturi vacuum system
• Easy-to-read vacuum gauge
• 7′ suction hose
• Six suction probes for most applications
• Three “OE Style” evacuator adapters
• Convenient storage tube for suction probes
• Oil- and chemical-resistant wheels and casters for increased longevity
• Sight tube for quick indication of fluid level

Gallons 20-gallon
Suction Capacity 14-gallons
Air Pressure For Vacuum 110-115 psi
Depressurization Time 120-150 sec.
Material Steel
Wheel Size – Front 4″ Swivel
Wheel Size – Rear 7″ Fixed
Weight 65 lbs.

Venturi Vacuum System

Using compressed air, the venturi pump creates a vacuum in the steel tank.

Vacuum Gauge

The easy-to-read vacuum gauge displays suction levels.

7′ Suction Hose

Seven-foot hose allows for easy fluid evacuation with special probes and adapters.


Quickly and easily empty the tank using air and self-evacuation with 10’ quick disconnect evacuation hose.

Probes & Adapters

For best fitment, evacuators come with six suction probes and three “OE Style” adapters.

Convenient Storage Tube

Probes are easily and readily accessible with the on-board storage tube. Easily empty the catch cap that collects oil residue left in the suction probes after use.

2-gallon Transparent Bowl

Check quantity and quality of oil prior to discharging into the tank. The bowl is heat-resistant to a maximum of 212˚F.


Resource Downloads:

Fluid Evacuators Flyer 
User’s Manual
Product & Parts Breakdown


Other Options:

6-Gallon Fluid Evacuator
20-Gallon Fluid Evacuator (without transparent bowl)


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