Fixed Hose Reels


Available for both automotive and heavy-duty truck applications, you can install reels in a single location or part of a multiple reel exhaust system.


• Heavy-duty steel frame and drum
• Spring recoil ratchet design stops in convenient positions
• Reels mount on wall, beam or ceiling
• Completely assembled and ready to install
• Durable powder coat finish
• Available colors: black, blue

Automotive Reel – 4” Heavy-Duty Reel – 6”
• 25’ of fabric-reinforced and crush-resistant 4” diameter exhaust hose
• 4” hose QC-4D receiver with damper to accept EuroVent QuickLink tailpipe adapters
• Hose stop
• 25’ of fabric-reinforced, high-temperature 6” diameter exhaust hose
• Hose stop
No. CAR-ALU-HD-4 Blue
No. CAR-ALU-HD-4-B Black
No. CAR-ALU-HD-6 Blue
No. CAR-ALU-HD-6-B Black

Fixed Reel and Fan Combination

To make a self-contained exhaust extraction system, EuroVent Fixed Hose Reels can come with an exhaust fan.
• Ideal for single bay applications
• Fan mounts directly to the reel using No. FAR-10 Fan/Reel Flange
• Exhaust fan and flange are sold separately
Check with your EuroVent design engineer to determine the correct fan configuration based on the application.

Fan/Reel Flange
Used to couple exhaust fan to EuroVent Fixed Hose Reels.
No. FAR-10

Optional Retractable Activation Micro-Switch

The Retractable Activation Micro-Switch is an optional on/off switch for retractable hose reels. The exhaust extraction system will turn on by pulling the hose down from the reel, and will turn off when retracted back into the reel. This energy-saving feature allows the system to only run when needed without having to power on with a single wall mounted switch. This optional micro-switch for spring retractable fixed hose reels is available in conjunction with our Standard Motor Starter or Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).

Standard Motor Starter

• 24V low-voltage wire signals to motor starter to turn fan on/off
• System turns on by pulling the hose down from the reel, and turns off when retracting hose
• Can wire in a series of reels to one motor starter
• Proven energy savings
• Central on/off switch in shop no longer needed

Additional Option:

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

• Pressure sensing control in VFD regulates fan speed depending on the number of hose reels in use
• Fan will increase and/or decrease in speed for more or less air flow needed
• Not using full fan power unless needed provides additional energy savings


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