Exhaust Hose & Accessories


Clamp Protector
Covers bridge clamp for added protection.
• Polyurethane elastic
• Easily and quickly fitted
• Reuseable
• Highly abrasion resistant
• Good resistance to oil, gasoline and
No. 2043 4”
No. 2044 6”
Bridge Clamp
Bridge clamp for attaching externally
corrugated spiral hoses.
• Secure clamping with special bridge
• Easily and quickly fitted
• Reusable
• Stainless steel
• For use with EuroVent standard 4”
exhaust hose
No. 2042
Hose Supports
For use with a non-telescoping single hose
drop. Supports keep the hose off the floor
when not in use.
Each support comes in two parts – one
hook and one hanger. Available for 3”, 4”
and 6” hoses.
No. ATS75 For 3” Hose
No. ATS100 For 4” Hose
No. ATS150 For 6” Hose
Hose Stops
Available in three sizes.
No. FT75 For 3” Hose
No. FT100 For 4” Hose
No. FT150 For 6” Hose
Standard Crush-Resistant Exhaust Hose
For automotive and light truck vehicle exhaust systems and hose reels.
• Temperature range up to 400°F (200°C)
• Fabric reinforced
• Highly flexible and compressible
• Vibration resistant
• Crush resistant
• Good resistance to chemicals
• Special plastic-profile supporting spiral
• Fabric-reinforced tape; wall EPDM/PP coated fabric
• Color: black
• Temperature range up to 600°F (300°C)
• Two layer hose wall with high-temperature film liner and
lightweight fiberglass fabric
• External helix of galvanized steel with additional abrasion
• Vibration proof
• Excellent bend radius
• Super lightweight
• Color: blue
High Temperature Exhaust Hose
For exhaust extraction systems for diesel engines, trucks and
construction machinery.
Hose Balancer
For use with a non-telescoping single hose
drop. Balancer retracts hose and keeps
it off the floor when not in use. For 3”-6”
No. BG-25L
No. TPE326-25
4” x 25’
No. EH-425-600-C
4” x 25’
No. EH-625-600-C
6” x 25’


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