AF Cast Aluminum Pressure Blower


All EuroVent exhaust fans are American made and UL approved for indoor and outdoor applications. They are air and sound performance tested prior to shipment (AMCA-210-85 and 300-85). Their rugged, lightweight and rustproof cast aluminum construction makes them durable and reliable.

AF Cast Aluminum Pressure Blowers

• High flow
• Corrosion-resistant with aluminum wheels and housings
• Light weight and rugged split cast aluminum housings
• Direct drive and belt driven

Properly calculated system requirements are needed in order to determine a proper fan type and size. Failure to do so can result in poor system performance and/or premature fan wear. Please consult your EuroVent design engineer for assistance. EuroVent cannot guarantee or warrant the system performance if a non-EuroVent selected fan is used.

EuroVent Exhaust Fan Motors

• Direct drive models offer quiet operation and are maintenance-free
• Belt-drive models offer system performance flexibility
• Three-phase motors are wired tri-voltage (208V/230V/460V)
• Single-phase motors are wired dual-voltage (120V/230V)

Motor Starters Pushbutton Pendant
• Available upon request
• 1 – 5 HP
• Manual or magnetic starters
• Combination starters (starters w/disconnect)
• On/Off push button
• NEMA Type 1 enclosure (STD)
• Other NEMA enclosures are available
• Selector switches
• Timers
• DisconnectsNo. 5HP-460V-3 Manual Start
No. 5HP-460V-3-R Remote Start
No. 5HP-460V-3-T With Timer
• For 5 HP motors

No. 5HP-PP










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