Coil Brake Lines


Dynamic Coil Brake Lines along with Dynamic tube nuts is an easy and cost saving method for shops to fabricate custom size brake lines and transmission lines. Each of the three superior coil brake line options offer excellent performance and corrosion resistance.

Galfan Brake Line

Galfan is a durable coating that helps resist abrasion and is a step above the many zinc coated brake lines in the market today. It will not chip, soften or blister when exposed to corrosive fluids. Galfan utilizes a hot dip coat of zinc aluminum alloy plus a thermoset aluminum rich epoxy top coat. It exceeds 2,000 hours of salt spray testing and meets stringent auto industry requirements.

• Double-walled construction
• Zinc coated
• Aluminum epoxy top coat

PVF Brake Line

Polyvinyl fluoride is a durable, highly abrasion resistant coating. It is another option for corrosion protection on double-walled brake lines.  This coating consists of a painted PVF topcoat cured over an electroplated zinc substrate. PVF exceeds 2,000 hours of salt spray testing.

• Double-walled construction
• Zinc coated
• Polyvinyl fluoride topcoat
• Olive green color

Copper-Nickel Brake Line

Copper-Nickel is an alloy of 90% copper and 10% nickel which has a very high corrosion resistance. It outperforms standard double-walled tubing and is easy to bend and flare for trouble-free installation.

• Outperforms standard double-walled tubing
• Approved for automotive braking systems
• Fast and easy installation
• Most bend by hand
• Sizes for both brake line and fuel line replacement


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