25-Gallon Low-Profile Oil Drain




This rugged steel oil drain is the workhorse of a heavy-duty repair shop. It comes with a self-contained electric pump evacuation system to make emptying a breeze.

Features include:

• 25-gallon capacity reservoir
• 10″ ground clearance
• All steel construction
• 110V electric pump for easy evacuation
• 8′ quick disconnect evacuation hose with J-Hook
• 6″ industrial casters for easy handling and transport
• Long-reach T-Handle makes drain easy to position under the vehicle
• T-Handle folds for compact storage
• Expanded metal shield reduces splash

Internal baffles prevent splashing during transport

Gallons 25-gallon
Material Steel
Size 48″L x 25″ W x 10″ H
Wheel Size – Front 6″ Swivel Caster
Wheel Size – Rear 6″ Fixed
Handle Length 35″
Weight 97 lbs.

Long-Reach Folding T-Handle

The 35″ long T-Handle makes it easy to position the drain under the vehicle. The handle folds onto the reservoir when not in use.

Industrial Casters and Wheels

The 6″ front swivel casters and 6″ rear wheels make this drain easy to maneuver and transport.

Electric Pump Evacuation System

The 110V electric evacuation pump transfers fluid at a rate of 5 gpm depending on fluid temperature.

Internal Baffles

Baffles located in the reservoir prevent the fluid from splashing during transport.

Expanded Metal Shield

An expanded metal shield covers the reservoir area which helps reduce splash during the draining process.

Resource Downloads:

25-gallon Low-Profile Oil Drain Flyer
User’s Manual
Product & Parts Breakdown


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