Air Operated Grease Delivery Systems


These professional quality air-operated Grease Delivery Systems come as a complete package and include all required equipment. Built for durable and reliable operation, these systems fit 35 lb., 120 lb. and 400 lb. grease containers and come with a 60:1 high-pressure pump, control handle, Z-swivel, drum cover, follower plate and an 8-foot outlet hose.

Features include:

• Powered by 60:1 ratio high pressure pump
• Non-corrosive design for long-term use
• Heavy-duty control handle
• Z-swivel for ease-of-use
• Includes drum cover, follower plate and 8′ outlet hose

Pressure Ratio 60:1
Air inlet pressure 70 – 115 psi
Air inlet connection 1/4″ NPT (Female)
Air motor effective diameter 2.4″ (63mm)
Max pressure 5600 psi
Outlet connection 1/4″ NPT (Male)


Model Cont. Pump Hose Drum Cover Control Handle Follower Plate Swivel Weight
JDL-5 35 lb. JDL-3640 JDH-1014 JD-3565 JD-3560 JD-3570 JD-3840Z 22 lbs.
JDL-16 120 lb. JDL-3650 JDH-1014 JD-3566 JD-3560 JD-3571 JD-3840Z 27 lbs.
JDL-16C (Same as JDL-16 but includes caster base)
JDL-55 400 lb. JDL-3655 JDH-1014 JD-3567 JD-3560 JD-3572 JD-3840Z 35 lbs.

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