25-Gallon Poly Portable Gas Caddy




These portable poly fuel caddies provide a safe, effective and affordable method for storing and transferring fuel. Models are available in red for gasoline (15- and 25-gallon), and yellow for diesel (25-gallon).

These fuel caddies are all UN/DOT and Transport Canada Approved and are ideal for automotive, landscape, marine, commercial and recreation applications. The blow-molded high-density polyethylene prevents corrosion and denting. Fuel dispenses using gravity flow, meaning the gas caddy MUST be at a higher level than the intended receptacle in order to dispense fuel (higher the gas caddy = better the flow). If gravity flow is not an option or feasible, you can upgrade to a heavy-duty, two-way rotary pump kit. The FC-PRK13 pump kit easily fills fuel-powered equipment when gravity flow isn’t practical.

Features include:

• Made from high molecular weight, high-density polyethylene (HMWHDPE)
• Easily fill and transport in a “lay flat” horizontal position
• Gravity flow design
• Molded handle
• 2” filler neck
• Vented fill cap
• HD pneumatic tires/wheels
• 8’ dispensing hose
• Spring-loaded dispensing nozzle


Gallons 25 Gallons
Fueling Capacity 2 GPM – Gravity Flow
Wheel size 10” Pneumatic
Dimensions 43”H x 22”W x 17”D
Weight 41 lbs.

Lay Flat Design

Easily transport and fill the fuel caddy horizontally.
Note: when full, this gas caddy is very heavy and requires two people to lift for transport.

Molded Handle

Use the handle as a secure rest when transporting.

Pneumatic Tires

The pneumatic tires and steel wheels make maneuvering effortless on any surface.

Fill Spout and Cap

The 2” fill spout makes refilling easy. The vented fill cap keeps the tank closed and provides pressure relief when required.

Optional Two-Way Pump Kit

This two-way pump provides pump-assisted fueling when gravity flow isn’t ideal. Use with gasoline, diesel, kerosene and biofuels.


• Heavy-duty cast iron pump
• Two-way operation
• Mounting bracket

Resource Downloads:

15- and 25-Gallon Poly Fuel Cart Flyer
User’s Manual

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