Vehicle Fire Blanket



The JohnDow Vehicle Fire Blanket enables you to suppress Electric (EV), Hybrid, and Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle fire flames and fumes. The high temperature-resistant material prevents the fire from spreading and damaging surrounding vehicles and property in your shop. It also deprives vehicle fires of oxygen and minimizes the potential combustion reducing the fire temperature.


The Vehicle Fire Blanket Rack (sold separately) can mount to a wall or column for easy deployment. The steel rack includes easy-to-release Velcro straps to keep bag secure and easy-to-follow directions and signage.


• Flexible, large 6 x 9M blanket covers most vehicles
• Designed for gas, hybrid and EV vehicles
• Easily transport and store with compact, waterproof bag
• Quickly deploy from convenient, highly visible storage rack
• Comfortably deploy blanket over vehicle with oversized straps
• Single use


• Limits damage and spread of fire to nearby areas
• Use on any passenger vehicle including internal combustion vehicles and electric vehicles
• Contains toxic smoke derived from combustion
• Contains thick smoke for better visibility
• Deploy in under a minute with only two people

Ideal for:

• Parking Lots
• Automotive Repair Facilities
• Firefighters
• Parking Structures
• Service Stations
• Charging Stations


Size 19.5’ x 29.5’ (6M x 9M)
Material Fiberglass & Flame-resistant coating
Weight (Fire Blanket only) 61.7 lbs.
Weight (Rack only) 19 lbs.
Rack dimensions 33.5”H x 16”W x 8”D

Resource Downloads:

Vehicle Fire Blanket Flyer


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