EV/Hybrid Safety Package


This Safety Package includes all the essential safety products you need for your repair shop when servicing EV/Hybrid vehicles including personal and workshop safety.

Item No. Description Qty. JDI-EVH1 w/Cart JDI-EVH2 w/o Cart JDI-EVH3 Basic
JDI-EIG10 Electrical Insulating Gloves 11″ – Size 10 1
JDI-LO10 Leather Overgloves – Size 10 1
JDI-SCIG Storage Case for Insulating Gloves 1
JDI-FPFS Protective Face Shield 1
JDI-RSH Rescue Stick with Insulated Hook 1
JDI-SW38 Socket Wrench Set 3/8″ 1
JDI-ITK Insulated Tool Kit 1
JDI-CIB Clear Insulating Blanket – Class 0 1
JDI-CB3 Clamp for Insulating Blanket 3″ 1
JDI-IM Insulating Mat – Class 0 (3′ x 3′) 1
JDI-IC-60D Locking Steering Wheel Cover 1
JDI-LSWC Nylon Locking Safety Padlock 1
JDI-MCT-R Magnetic Car Topper 3
JDI-MCT-G Magnetic Car Topper 3
JDI-TC-KIT EV Safety Cone Package 1
JDI-MBSI-EV EV Safety Package Storage Cart 1


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