PurAbsorb Industrial Super Absorbent


Made from natural ingredients, PurAbsorb is the quickest, safest, and most cost-effective absorbent solution for any spills. Upon contact, PurAbsorb begins absorbing instantly leaving a clean and dry no-slip surface.

• High absorption capacity: One 10 lb. bag of PurAbsorb has the same absorption capacity as fourteen, 10 lb. bags of clay absorbent, allowing automotive repair facilities to save space and money.
• Instant absorption without leaching: PurAbsorb’s lightweight, industrial-grade cellulose formula instantly absorbs without leaking, minimizing the risk of spreading hazardous spills and allowing for immediate clean up.
• 100% Natural: PurAbsorb is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.

Use in:

• Automotive
• Industrial/MRO
• Performance
• Farm & Agriculture
• Fleet & Heavy-Duty and more!

Item No. PA20-1 1.25 lb. Shaker Jar

Item No. PA20-10 10 lb. Bag




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