Cre-Oil Penetrating Oil


Net Wt. 11 Oz.
Item No. CO-11

Cre-Oil Penetrating Fluid is an old formulation improved with current chemistry modifications that has turned this into the new Gold Standard of penetrating fluids, preferred by professionals. CRE-OIL’s low viscosity allows it to creep deep and wick into tight crevices to chemically loosen the bond caused by rust and corrosion.

Professionals cannot risk breaking off a rusted and corroded nut or bolt adding unnecessary time to an otherwise ordinary repair. Spray Cre-Oil on area to be worked on and allow the product to creep into crevices to release rust and corrosion allowing frozen nuts and bolts to be disassembled quickly.

• Active ingredients dissolve and cut through grease, oil, and debris allowing Cre-Oil to come in contact with the threads to quickly loosen rusted and frozen parts
• Low viscosity allows the product to “Creep Deep” into the tightest crevices to release the surface tension caused by rust and corrosion
• Lubricant additive package leaves a lubricating film that aids in disassembly and reassembly, and further protects against corrosion

Use in:

• Automotive
• Industrial/MRO
• Performance
• Farm & Agriculture
• Fleet & Heavy-Duty and more!




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