Pump Conversion Kits for Low Profile Oil Drains


These optional pump kits are designed to convert certain JohnDow Low-Profile Oil Drains to self-evacuating using an electric pump or air assist kit.



For the JDI-17PLP 17-Gallon Poly Low Profile Oil Drain

This easy-to-install 110V pump kit makes oil transfer from the JohnDow Industries 17 Gallon Low-Profile Oil Drain (JDI-17PLP) a breeze.

Kit transfers fluid at 5 gpm and includes:

• 110V Electric pump
• Mounting Hardware
• 8’ Evacuation Hose
• ½” Ball Valve
• Hose fittings and clamps
• Weighs 6 lbs.

For the JDI-LP4 17-Gallon Low Profile Oil Drain

This optional kit converts the JDI-LP4 into a self-evacuating drain. Using regular shop air, easily transfer oil from the drain to your storage tank.

Kit includes:

• 7 psi fixed air regulator
• Safety relief valve
• 10′ evacuation hose
• 3/4″ male quick disconnect coupler
• 3/4″ female quick disconnect coupler
• 2″ drain plug

Air Regulator & Safety Relief Valve

The fixed 7 psi air regulator allows the proper amount of compressed air to enter the drain during the evacuation process while the safety relief valve prevents over-pressurizing the reservoir.

Quick Disconnect Evacuation Hose

The 10′ evacuation hose includes a quick disconnect coupler making the evacuation process clean and easy.


Resource Downloads:

JDI-17PK Pump Kit Flyer
JDI-17PK Pump Kit User’s Manual
17-gallon Low-Profile Oil Drain Flyer


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