TPMS Service Kits

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JohnDow Dynamic TPMS Service Kit Program contains all the maintenance parts to service the OEM TPMS sensor.  All vehicles that are equipped with a “direct” system will need the TPMS valves serviced when replacing tires, repairing leaking valves or servicing the sensor.  These parts will corrode and leak over time and will need to be replaced to ensure safe and reliable service.  These kits can include: grommet/seal, hex nut, valve core, valve cap with seal, and metal washer.  All parts are tested to SAE specification including high speed, corrosion, pressure and climate testing.


Important Note:  The OEM requires that the valve stem components are replaced every time the tire is serviced on vehicles with TPMS.

Refer to manufacturer’s specifications for proper torque requirements when replacing hex nuts and valve cores. These specifications can be found in the Dynamic TPMS Service Kit Application Guide.

See related document below to download our Service Kit Application Guide

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