Out-the-door Exhaust System


An Out-The-Door system is a practical exhaust extraction solution for service facilities with multiple drive-in service bay doors. Out-The-Door systems are perfect for passenger vehicles, light-duty trucks with rear-mounted exhaust pipes, and light-duty/medium-duty diesel vehicles. For an Out-The-Door system to work properly, the distance from the door to the vehicle must be under 25 feet.

System design includes a combination of the following:
• Crushproof Exhaust hose
• Y-Hose Assembly
• Adapters
• Standard Door Ports

Crushproof Exhaust Hose
Use with smaller passenger vehicles up to SUVs and light-duty trucks. The FlareLok® system connects multiple lengths without needing a splice connector. All hoses are 11 feet long, and withstand exhaust temperatures up to 600°F when used with a proper adapter and fan-assisted system.
Part No. JDH-250    2.5″ x 11″ Hose
Part No. JDH-300    3″ x 11″ Hose
Part No. JDH-400    4″ x 11″ Hose

Y Hose Assembly
Convert a single exhaust hose into a dual kit to service today’s most popular passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks. Assembly includes two (2) 4-foot sections of hose and a Y adapter.
Part No. JDY250    2.5”
Part No. JDY303    3.0”
Part No. JDY404    4.0”
Part No. JDY606    6.0”

Tailpipe Adapters
Twin Oval Adapters
Part No. F475: For Oval/Twin Tailpipes up to 2.5” x 5.5”
Part No. F575: For Oval/Twin Tailpipes up to 3” x 8”

Flush Mount Adapter
For flush mounted tailpipes. The industrial-grade suction cup will stick to any vehicle without damaging the finish and hold the adapter over the tailpipe, creating a capture shroud.
Part No. F675-SC

Straight Adapters
Part No. F250: Fits 2.5” Hose
Part No. F350: Fits 3.0” and 4.0” Hose

Door Ports
Standard Door Ports
Part No. DF25:
• For 2-1/2” hose
• Rubber

Part No. ADF40:
• For 4” hose
• Aluminum

Locking Door Ports
Secure the exterior of the building and keep the port door from rattling when the wind blows or when the door opens/closes.
Part No. 6130059    4”
Part No. 6130096    5”