Built with unparalleled quality and craftmanship using aircraft-grade materials, the EuroVent line of High-Volume Low-Speed (HVLS) fans offer the market’s top cooling and destratification air movement systems.

Through extensive research and testing, EuroVent HVLS fans provide revolutionary air movement systems engineered with the highest performance standards.

Standard Construction Features
Airfoils: The unique, extruded aircraft-grade aluminum airfoil shape maximizes airflow and coverage area.
Intelligent VFD and Motor: The factory-mounted, wired and programmed variable frequency drive (VFD) combination provides the highest efficiency, low sound and ultra-light installation. Features include over-speed and impact detection along with temperature, voltage and current monitoring.
Fire Relay: Keep your facility and products safe from the spread of a fire, the low voltage relay can wire into a building’s fire suppression system to automatically shutdown when sprinklers are activated.
Guy Wire Kit: Braided steel guy wires prevent lateral fan movement for safe installations.


The Model WC5 showcases a modern, five-blade direct drive design for use in commercial spaces with low to medium height ceilings (approximately 14- to 20-foot ceiling range). With its sleek style and size options of 8 or 12 feet, the WC5 combines comfortable air movement coverage of up to 54,900 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) with a variety of unique color options. These fans are effortless to install with a total weight less than 100 pounds, the lightest among comparable HVLS fans.

Best used in:
• Office spaces
• Restaurants and bars
• Education facilities
• Supermarkets
• Retail stores
• Fitness centers


The Model WS3 focuses on efficiency to offer an economical three-blade, direct drive HVLS fan for commercial or industrial spaces with medium to high ceilings (approximately 20- to 30-foot ceiling range). These 16- and 24-foot fans provide a high level of performance with air movement coverage of up to 164,900 CFM while remaining an cost-effective choice for those on a strict budget. Plus, with a lighter weight than comparable HVLS fans, the WS3 is a breeze to install in any building.

Best used in:
• Airports
• Gymnasiums
• Agricultural facilities
• Manufacturing facilities
• Automotive facilities
• Distribution Centers
• Stadiums & Arenas


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