DVT Pro-Select Programmable Sensors

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The JohnDow Dynamic TPMS Pro-Select Programmable sensor system is a three (3) sensor program.  These three (3) programmable sensors have industry leading coverage that will ensure competitive advantages for professional technicians in the North American market.  All sensors come equipped with a rubber valve.  The Duel Valve Technology (DVT) allows the professional technician to change the valve to one of the 3 metal valve options from Dynamic (Brushed metal, chrome, black metal). Pro-Select programmable sensors can be programmed and activated by all major TPMS tools in the market (Bartec, ATEQ, Snap-On, OTC, etc.).


Three Sensor Program

  • Easy to manage
  • Lower inventory investment

DVT-P3152       DVT Pro-Select 315 MHz

DVT-P4332       DVT Pro-Select 433 MHz

DVT-P4332W    DVT Pro-Select 433 MHz – for Auto Locate vehicles


Dual Valve Technology

With “Dual Valve Technology” (DVT) the valve stems can easily be replaced other valve options shown below using the same sensor body. No additional sensors to purchase.

There are four valve options for the DVT Pro-Select Programmable Sensor.  All Pro-Select sensors come with the standard 6-207A rubber snap-in valve.


Valve options include:

  • 6-207A Rubber Snap-In Valve
  • 6-225 Brushed Metal Valve
  • 6-225B Black Metal Valve
  • 6-203 Chrome Metal Valve


Industry Leading Vehicle Coverage

  • Domestic, European and Asian vehicles
  • Includes wireless locate and hi-line/low-line protocols


Fast Wireless Programming

No pad or cradles needed to program the sensors


Program with Major TPMS Tools

  • ATEQ
  • Snap-On 
  • OTC


Other Features:

  • Copy/Clone Capability – copy ID from old sensor and program the new sensor
  • Through the Tire Programming – eliminates need to breakdown tire and wheel to reprogram
  • Future Update Technology – new protocols can be copied onto the sensors without hardware changes
  • Online Data – Lookup application data available on Epicor, WHI, Wrench Head, Show-Me-The-Parts & MAM
  • Manufactured and Tested to OE Specifications and Performance Standards


For more programming, application and product details, view the PDFs below.

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