DVT-PRO Multi-Frequency Programmable TPMS Sensor

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315/433 MHz

One (1) DVT-PRO sensor is designed to be programmed with several TPMS Tools including ATEQ, Snap-on and Dynamic DY-46 & DY-47. Dynamic DVT-PRO sensor comes with our 6-207A rubber valve and has “Dual Valve Technology” (DVT). The valve stems can easily be replaced with other Dynamic valve options shown below using the same sensor housing.

Features include:

• Single Sensor Program – easy to manage and lower inventory investment
• Industry Leading Vehicle Coverage – Domestic, European and Asian vehicles including wireless auto locate and hi-line/low-line protocols
• Fast Wireless Programming – no pad or cradles needed to program the sensors
• Copy/Clone Capability – copy ID from old sensor and program the new sensor with same ID number
• Through the Tire Programming – eliminates need to breakdown tire and wheel to reprogram
• Future Software Updates – new vehicle protocols can be added with a simple tool software update
• Dual Valve Technology – easy interchange between rubber or metal valve options
• Online Data – Lookup application data available on Epicor, WHI, Wrench Head, ShowMeTheParts & MAM

Dual Valve Replacement

With “Dual Valve Technology” (DVT) you can easily replace the rubber valve with three other valve options using the same sensor body. No additional sensors to purchase. All Pro-Select sensors come with the standard 6-207A rubber snap-in valve.

Valve options include:

• 6-207A Rubber Snap-In Valve
• 6-225 Brushed Metal Valve
• 6-225B Black Metal Valve
• 6-203 Chrome Metal Valve

Industry Leading Vehicle Coverage

99.2% vehicle coverage of  Domestic, European and Asian vehicles. Includes wireless locate and hi-line/low-line protocols.

Fast Wireless Programming

No pad or cradles needed to program the sensors.

Program with Major TPMS Tools

• Snap-On
• Dynamic DY-46 and DY-47

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