250 Lumen Rechargeable LED Headlamp


This high-efficiency, detachable and rechargeable Chip-On-Board (COB) LED head lamp provides superior light for your work environment.

Three Light Function:

• Flood Light – COB LED (250 Lumens, 120° Beam Angle)
• Spotlight – High Power LED (150 Lumens, 18° Beam Angle)
• Arc Light – COB LED (120 Lumens, 120° Beam Angle)

Additional Features:

• Motion-activated Sensor: Activates ON/OFF with the wave of a hand
Detachable: Can detach and use the head lamp separately
Magnetic Back: Detach head lamp and adhere to any metal surface
Easy to locate: Glow-in-the-dark fluorescent reflector
Brightness memory: Records setting after 5 seconds of activation and will remember the recorded brightness the next time you turn it on
• Dust- and water-resistant (IP65)


• Flood light: 250lm
• Spotlight: 150lm
• Bottom (arc) light: 120lm
• 8v 1600mAh Li-poly battery
• 5h/2.5h/3h operating time (spot/flood/arc)
• 2-3h charging time
• IP65
• Wight: .44 lbs./0.2 kg
• Size: 86 x 56 x 42 mm


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