JDI Launches new EV & Hybrid Service & Safety Product Line

Barberton, Ohio (October 30, 2023)  –  JohnDow Industries (JDI), a leading supplier and distributor of automotive aftermarket equipment and products is introducing its new line of Electric Vehicle (EV) & Hybrid Service & Safety Products at AAPEX 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This new line offers 30 innovative safety products including gloves, face shields, aprons, blankets, insulated tools, jackets, and boots among other products specifically designed to increase safety while servicing electric and hybrid vehicles.

New Vehicle Fire Blanket introduced at AAPEX 2023
One of the most notable products in this new safety equipment line is the Vehicle Fire Blanket. Lithium-ion battery fires are extremely dangerous and cannot be extinguished using traditional fire extinguishing methods. As electric and hybrid vehicles gain popularity, service repairers must be prepared for these potentially devastating disasters during a repair.

JDI’s Vehicle Fire Blanket suppresses vehicle fires and prevents fire from spreading and damaging nearby property while containing toxic fumes and smoke from releasing into surrounding areas. This Fire Blanket is ideal for parking lots, auto repair shops, fire fighters, underground parking lots, service stations, and charging stations. Product benefits include:

  • Contains vehicle fire and its debris to protect property, staff, and customers
  • Limits damage and spread of fire to nearby areas
  • For use on any passenger vehicle including internal combustion and EVs
  • Keeps toxic smoke derived from combustion contained
  • Two people can deploy the 6x9M blanket in seconds
  • Easily deploy from convenient storage rack with oversized straps

“Nearly 40 years ago JDI initially grew from selling vehicle interior protection service products into what it is now – service equipment, back shop supplies, TPMS and exhaust extraction systems,” said Robert Christy, President of JDI. “JDI listened to the market and grew our product lines to offer high quality, reliable, and safe equipment service repairers needed. Understanding where the automotive industry is going, we are not shying away from living this principal and expanding our offering to include service and safety equipment for electric and hybrid vehicle repairs.”

To view the new EV & Hybrid Service & Safety Product Catalog, click here.

About JohnDow Industries
For more than 35 years, JohnDow Industries has served the automotive aftermarket with high quality, innovative products backed with exceptional service and support. Product lines include fuel storage and handling equipment, used oil and fluid handling equipment, auto service equipment, EuroVent vehicle exhaust extraction systems, Dynamic automotive fasteners and supplies, and Dynamic TPMS solutions. Additional information is available at JohnDow.com or by emailing HKing@johnDow.com.

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