JohnDow Introduces New Line of TPMS Retro Kit Sensors

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New TPMS sensors can reduce tire-related hazardous conditions by providing tire pressure and temperature data for vehicles without standard TPMS

Barberton, Ohio (February 14, 2023) – JohnDow Industries (JDI), a leading supplier and distributor of automotive aftermarket equipment and products announced the addition of TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Retro Kit Sensors to its Dynamic division’s line of products. These sensors, designed for vehicles without manufacturer- installed TPMS, provides increased passenger safety and alleviates hazardous tire-related incidents. These sensors work with virtually any air-filled tire.

Dynamic’s new Retro Kit Sensors are available in External (DY-BLE-E) and Internal (DY-BLE-I) sensor options. Also available is the TPMS Repeater (DY-BLE-R) to extend the overall signal distance up to 30 feet. Both sensor options work with the easy-to-use Dynamic BLE phone app to program and assign up to 36 sensors. These sensors are ideal for:

  • Single-, dual- and tri-axle hauling trailers
  • Campers, Recreational Vehicles (RVs), 4-wheelers, dirt bikes
  • Bicycles, scooters, side-by-sides
  • Heavy-Duty vehicles like dump trucks, semitrucks, or tractors
  • Municipal vehicles including ambulances, fire trucks, and city/school buses

The External Retro Kit Sensors replace a tire’s valve cap to measure tire pressure and temperature. Designed to swap out to other vehicles, these sensors are as easy to install as screwing on a valve cap. The Internal Retro Kit Sensors act as a traditional TPMS Sensor, installed inside of the tire. These TPMS sensors come with four valve color options and are ideal for boat trailers or a long-term TPMS solution.

The Dynamic BLE TPMS app provides options to set up multiple vehicle profiles with real-time data and alerts including fast leak, high/low-pressure, high temperature, and sensor low battery – all from a phone or tablet.

“We hear all the time about boat trailer tires or heavy-duty tires blowing out on the highway, causing – at a minimum – very hazardous conditions,” said Greg Iorfida, National Sales Manager of the JDI Dynamic Division. “These new TPMS Retro Kit sensors provide critical pressure and temperature information that could prevent a lot of these incidents.”

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