JohnDow Adds Cre-Oil Penetrating Oil To Chemical Line

The Gold Standard: Cre-Oil Penetrating Oil

Barberton, Ohio (June 15, 2021) – JohnDow announced the addition of Cre-Oil™ Professional-Grade Penetrating Fluid to the Dynamic chemical line. Cre-Oil’s superior formulation with current chemistry modifications makes it into the new Gold Standard of penetrating fluids, preferred by auto service professionals.

“Cre-Oil is absolutely the best penetrating oil available in the automotive aftermarket today,” said Robert Christy, President of JohnDow Industries. “When nothing else works, this will. Only a torch will beat Cre-Oil in loosening the bond caused by rust and corrosion.”

Cre-Oil, which comes in a 12 oz. can, has a low viscosity allowing it to creep deeply and wick into tight crevices during repairs to chemically loosen rust and corrosion bonds created over time. Areas of application include pipe threads, pulleys, screws, fasteners, hinges, suspensions, chains, casters, cables, gears, electrical terminals, brake calipers and much more.

Service professionals breaking rusted and corroded nuts or bolts can add unnecessary time to otherwise simple repairs. Cre-Oil is formulated with more aggressive solvents, wetting agents, and a specialty oil to break the surface tension of rust and corrosion, making disassembly easy. It does not evaporate, which helps with lubrication and stops further rust build up. Simply spray Cre-Oil on the impacted area and remove the nuts and bolts.

Cre-Oil is formulated for use in automotive, farm and agriculture, industrial/maintenance, fleet and heavy-duty, and performance among numerous other applications. Christy went on to say, “It has been an industry secret but it will be no longer. Cre-Oil works when nothing else does and is available exclusively through JohnDow Industries.”

Cre-Oil joins the Dynamic line of 23 chemical products including Foamy Engine Degreaser, Battery Protector, Brake Cleaner, Bead Sealer, Tire Paste and numerous others. For additional information on Cre-Oil and JohnDow Industries visit and

About Dynamic
Dynamic, a division of JohnDow Industries Inc. offers professional repairers a full line of automotive repair service products, TPMS sensors, service kits, and back shop supplies. These Dynamic products come with support and resources to automotive aftermarket repair facilities, distributors, jobbers, and installers.

About JohnDow Industries
For more than 35 years, JohnDow Industries has served the automotive aftermarket with high quality, innovative products backed with exceptional service and support. Product lines include fuel storage and handling equipment, used oil and fluid handling equipment, auto service equipment, EuroVent vehicle exhaust extraction systems, Dynamic automotive fasteners and supplies, and Dynamic TPMS solutions. Additional information is available at or by emailing

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