Why do I need a vehicle exhaust extraction system? Can’t I just open a door?

You can open a door if you are working on a vehicle near a garage door, but often repair facilities have too many bays for this to be feasible, safe, and healthy. 

A properly designed and installed vehicle exhaust extraction system will guarantee the removal of harmful exhaust fumes as well as reduce energy consumption and air loss. 

We professionally design EuroVent systems using the latest industry criteria to provide a safe work environment for employees, ensure compliance with local regulations and minimize air make-up requirements. To avoid potential noise-inducing hearing loss, all of our systems operate below 85 dBA, the rate at which long or repeated exposure to sounds can cause hearing loss. We live by, and strictly follow OSHA Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) standards, and ASHRAE ventilation standards so your healthy work environment will increase productivity and retain talented technicians.

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