What sizes do Hose Reels come in?

Our Professional Series Hose Reels come in 50-foot lengths and come in different sizes for low, medium and high pressure applications. 

Model No.PSI RatingHose SizeHose LengthWeight
Low Pressure for Air, Water & Antifreeze
JD-3850300 psi3/8″50′53 lbs.
JD-1250300 psi1/2″50′59 lbs.
Medium Pressure for Motor Oil & ATF
JDM-38502250 psi3/8″50′53 lbs.
JDM-12502250 psi1/2″50′57 lbs.
High Pressure for Grease
JDH-14505000 psi1/4″50′53 lbs.


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