Advanced Lighting Systems Releases Four New Product Videos


Barberton, Ohio – Advanced Lighting Systems, an independent sales division of JohnDow Industries, recently announced the release of four unique new product videos demonstrating the product features of their complete line of high-quality LED work lights. These additions to the existing ALS video library are high-intensity productions dramatically displaying numerous ALS products using only video and dramatic music.  The videos exude quality just like the 20 products in the ALS line.

The four videos are titled ALS Brand, Audio Light, Automotive ALS and Job Site.  Each video runs approximately three minutes.

Chip Todd, National Sales Manager reported, “LED lighting solutions continue to rapidly evolve and ALS has kept pace with new products that have features and benefits not found in other LED lighting.  Our LED work lights are designed with a combination of quality, performance and style.  These new videos represent that quality in every way.  Making online video a part of our marketing strategy helps reinforce that ALS continues to drive forward and connect with our customers”.

These innovative products include spot lights, head lamps, under hood lights, articulating lights and audio lights. ALS production facilities are approved to carry out their own CSA, TUV and INTERTEK certification tests and meet or exceed industry standards such as ISO 9001.  All lights undergo over 30 quality and performance tests.  All Advanced Lighting Systems lights have an IP65 or IP67 rating.

In addition to website exposure, these new videos will open up numerous marketing strategies for customers, distributors and sales reps all with the intent of maximizing sales.  They were developed to introduce, describe and demonstrate the products in a dramatic way to increase customer knowledge and enhance their ability to select the best and most efficient equipment.

For more information on the Advanced Lighting Systems product line visit or phone toll free 800-433-0708.

To view the (4) videos, use these links:

Construction 9_6_18

Automotive 9_6_18

Audio Light 9_6_18

ALS Brand Video 9_6_18

NOTE:  For viewing, right click on the video link and then click on open “Hyperlink”.


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