TPMS Relearn

By Greg Iorfida

A TPMS Relearn program configures the tire pressure monitoring functionality on an automobile that has been equipped with a TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system). The TPMS Relearn program should be initialized whenever a TPMS component has been installed or serviced on a vehicle. This includes replacing a vehicle’s tires, rotating a vehicle’s tires, changing the air pressure in a vehicle’s tires, or replacing a tire pressure sensor for any tire on a vehicle. Running the TPMS Relearn program for the various scenarios that demand it, ensures that the TPMS is properly calibrated.

TPMS Relearn requirements frequently vary by the year, make and model of a vehicle. Likewise, car owners must refer to the TPMS Relearn instructions that have been provided by the manufacturer of the vehicle’s TPMS.

For vehicles that are equipped with a factory installed TPMS, the TPMS relearn program may automatically run after the vehicle’s TPMS has been serviced. In other cases, for both factory installed and aftermarket tire pressure monitoring systems, vehicle owner intervention may be required to complete TPMS Relearn programming. When TPMS Relearn programming is not automatic, various TPMS diagnostic tools may be needed to complete the process.

Regardless of the required steps, the goal of the TPMS Relearn procedure is to accurately register or recalibrate the tire sensors on a vehicle. After taking all required TPMS Relearn programming steps, the vehicle typically must be driven for approximately 10-15 minutes to confirm that the vehicle’s tires have a safe amount of air pressure.

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