Top 6 Service Parts Categories Needed In an Auto Repair Shop

By Greg Iorfida

Profit and productivity always take a hit when inexpensive service parts are not readily available. Trying to locate, source or wait for delivery of a low cost item results in idle service bays, wasted technician time and lost profit.  That’s why it important to have these parts on hand and easy to find for your technicians.

Most of the inexpensive service parts are available in kits or assortments and contain the most popular parts used every day.

Here is a list of the top service part categories every auto repair shop should consider having on hand.

Oil Drain Plugs & Gaskets

Don’t risk a leaking drain pan or even worse an “oil out” by not replacing worn or stripped oil drain plugs and gaskets. There are about 18 different plugs that will provide maximum coverage for most cars and light trucks.  Equally important are the drain plug gaskets. Gaskets should be replaced each time the oil drain plug is removed.

Wheel Hardware

All tire shops should have a wheel stud assortment and lugs nut assortment on hand. A stripped wheel stud or lost lug nut is inevitable.  Lugs nuts are replaced 10:1 compared to wheel studs.


Newer cars are using a variety of different fuses.  The standard ATM and ATO are still the most popular but new types like Micro2, Micro3 and low profile are gaining popularity.  Having an auto fuse assortment with the popular plug-in fuses is a must.

Electrical Terminals

A heat shrink terminal assortment or vinyl insulated terminal assortment should handle most routine auto electrical repairs. Choose an assortment that contains a variety of different terminals i.e. rings, spades, butt connectors and disconnects.

Brake Line Fittings

Brake line repair and replacement has gotten easier with the use of coiled brake line and new bending/flaring tools. A brake line fitting assortment that includes tube nuts, union and adapters is a good investment.

Retainer Clips

There are a number repairs that require removing door and trim panels, shields, hood insulation, etc. Having a retainer clip assortment on hand can help avoid last a minute trip to a dealership or parts store to find a retainer to complete the job.

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