Vehicle Fire Blanket & Optional Wall Rack



A vehicle fire can completely destroy a shop and its business in minutes.
With appropriate planning, safety precautions not only save lives — they
can also save your business.
The JohnDow Vehicle Fire Blanket enables you to suppress EV, Hybrid,
and Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle fire flames and fumes. The
high temperature-resistant material prevents the fire from spreading
and damaging surrounding vehicles and property in your shop. It also
deprives vehicle fires of oxygen and minimizes the potential combustion
reducing the fire temperature.
Lithium-ion battery fires are very difficult to extinguish and traditional
fire repellents do not work due to thermal runaway. Thermal runaway
in an EV occurs when its battery’s internal reactions cause a selfreinforcing cycle of increased heat production. This means the battery
continues to get hotter by itself until the battery reaches its limits or
experiences a catastrophic failure like a fire.
This Vehicle Fire Blanket is the most efficient way to isolate an EV fire.
It immediately isolates the fire/fumes and prevents spreading. While it
will slowly smother/contain the fire, it will not put out an EV fire. It will
control the fire until the Fire Department arrives.


• Size: 19.5 ft. x 29.5 ft. (6x9M) 575 sq. ft.
• Weight: 61.7 lbs.
• Vehicle: For all passenger vehicles, SUVs (ICE, EV/
Hybrid, up to SUV)
• Material: Fiberglass with Flame-Resistant Coating
• Large deployment handle straps
• Storage Bag: Carry as a backpack for easy
• Wall Rack: Mount to wall or pole (No. JDI-WRFB)

How to Use:

1. Place in front center of vehicle and unroll in both directions.
2. Two people grab a blanket handle and pull over the vehicle from front to back.
3. Cover vehicle completely. Tuck against vehicle with feet to suffocate fire.


Size 19.5’ x 29.5’ (6M x 9M) 575 sq. ft
Material Fiberglass & Flame-resistant coating
Weight (Fire Blanket only) 61.7 lbs.


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