Design Assistance & Request for Quote



A properly designed and installed exhaust extraction system will guarantee the removal of harmful exhaust fumes as well as reduce energy consumption and air loss. Our experienced engineers can design an extraction system that meets your facility’s unique requirements, budget and timetable. We can design systems for new facilities and renovations.

We’re Fast. Once drawings and system requirements are submitted a design package and estimate is delivered within five working days. And, our design service is FREE.


Design Process

  1. Following the initial inquiry we gather the details for the type of system and system requirements
  2. From CAD or other measured drawings provided by your contractor, architect, HVAC contractor or other source, our engineers go to work and calculate the performance parameters of the system.
  3. A design package is prepared that includes a detailed CAD drawing showing the system layout along with a complete bill-of-materials, component details, and installation details.
  4. A cost estimate and the design package is sent to the client for review and finalizing.
  5. Modifications are made from the client’s input.
  6. Component parts and drawings are shipped, per the client’s timetable, to the contractor for installation. We work closely with the contractor throughout the installation to make sure everything goes as planned.


Send us your drawings and system requirements and let our design team go to work on your next project.


For more details on our Design Assistance, see the pdf below.  For more EuroVent Exhaust Extraction products, see our Full Catalog