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"The New JDI FC-25GC Gas Caddy Earns UL Listing (May 2011)

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Barberton, Ohio - JohnDow Industries recently announced that its most popular product has been "UL Listed". The UL certification comes from the Underwriter's Laboratories-National Safety Testing Agency for the U.S. acting as a partner with manufacturers to provide safe products to consumers through testing, certification, and follow-up audits.

JDI's new listed product is the Fuel Chief Pro25-25 Gallon Steel Gas Caddy (FC-25GC) that has replaced the JDI-25GC and is a significant upgrade. The FC-25GC has been rigorously tested for leakage, rupture, stability, abuse and as a result, is certified by UL that meets OSHA guidelines with these certification specifics -

- The required use of UL Listed components from UL Approved suppliers for hoses, fittings, seals, and gaskets.

- Tank redesign to meet UL certification requirements for capacity and steel thickness-and stringent safety requirements to prevent tipping and roll-away.

- New requirements for the two way, heavy duty JDI-35 Pump making it UL Listed as well.

- Quarterly factory audits to verify all requirements are being continuously met.

JDI becomes the only gas caddy manufacturer in the U.S. with this UL Listing. Under OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.106, approved equipment must be tested, certified, and listed by a National Testing Laboratory. This regulation makes it "the employer's responsibility to protect its employees from workplace hazards by providing appropriate methods of hazard control". The FC-25GC more than satisfies this regulation.

JDI, under the Fuel Chief brand, is the largest manufacturer of Portable Fuel Storage & Handling products in North America with models for professional, fuel system related service work, and poly models with different capabilities for basic fuel storage needs. For more information on JohnDow Industries and its five brands - Fuel Chief, Crew Chief, JohnDow, EuroVent, and Dynamic - visit www.johndow.com.



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