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New EuroVent® Universal Ceiling Bracket Provides Flexibility & Cost Savings (Oct 2009)

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      "New EuroVent Universal Ceiling Bracket

           Provides Flexibility & Cost Savings"

Barberton, Ohio

JohnDow Industries recently announced the introduction of the EuroVent brand’s new Universal Ceiling Bracket as part of their Rail Exhaust System. The new bracket has been designed to provide both flexibility and maximum savings in installation time and labor costs. These products are much more affordable than conventional Unistrut products, but are just as versatile.Now brackets can easily be “customized” on the job, creating significant time and money savings.

EuroVent®, a brand of JDI, is a manufacturer of cost-effective solutions for removing toxic< exhaust fumes from auto repair facilities and dealership service departments.  EuroVentâ is the largest supplier of “rail type” vehicle exhaust systems in the United States. The Euro-styled system provides a facility with a clean, modern, professional appearance. EuroVentâ offers three unique systems to meet the changing needs of today’s repair facilities: above ground/rail systems, above ground/telescoping systems, and in-ground systems. The Ceiling Bracket family of parts include the Adjustable Ceiling Bracket No. CB-CMA, the Rail Mount Ceiling Bracket No. CB-RM, and the 60” Straight Mounting Tube No. CB-T60.

JohnDow Industries is a manufacturer of automotive shop equipment and supplies. Brands include Fuel Chief-Portable Fuel & Handling, Crew Chief-Used Oil & Fluid Handling, EuroVent-Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems, JohnDow-Automotive Service Equipment, and Dynamic Automotive Fasteners & Supplies.

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