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JohnDow Industries Introduces Diesel Emission Fluid (DEF) Service Equipment To Its Fuel Chief Line (Jul 2010)

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"JDI Introduces Diesel Emission Fluid (DEF) 

   Service Equipment To Its Fuel Chief Line"

Barberton, Ohio

JohnDow Industries recently announced the addition of DEF (Diesel Emission Fluid) Service Equipment to the Fuel Chief line of fluid storage and handling equipment. The Fuel Chief line has been specifically designed for the convenient and safe service of the new SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) system that requires filling during normal service operations.

DEF is a Urea-based fluid specifically engineered for diesel engines as the reducing agent in SCR systems, which is a new vehicle technology platform for reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions through exhaust after-treatment.  In the exhaust, this fluid is converted into ammonia and reacts with the NOx to produce reduced emission and water vapor.

The Fuel Chief  System is one of the industry’s first “all inclusive” systems for refilling a vehicle’s onboard tank, is the first in the industry to receive domestic vehicle OE approval, and is considered the leader in Urea dispensing today.

Two different systems are offered – the DEF-1A is the 55-Gallon Electric Drum Dispensing System complete with everything the technician needs to properly dispense DEF, and the DEF-TOTE-A, a 275-Gallon Electric Tote Distributing System designed to be used as a “stationary” service center and comes complete with everything needed.

Fuel Chief represents the fastest growing product segment in the JDI family of automotive service equipment. The need for safe, effective, and affordable portable fuel storage to meet industry requirements has never been greater.

JDI is a manufacturer of automotive shop equipment and supplies.  Brands include:  Fuel Chief-Portable Fuel & Handling; Crew Chief-Used Oil & Fluid Handling; EuroVentâ-Vehicle Exhaust Extraction< Systems; JohnDow-Automotive Service Equipment; Shop RX-Automotive Service Supplies; and Dynamic-Automotive Fasteners & Supplies.  For more information visit www.johndow.com.

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