EuroVent is an exhaust ventilation system that incorporates an extruded aluminum exhaust rail and a sliding ventilation crab. The rail is installed overhead and along the service bays, and is connected to a high-efficiency exhaust fan. The sliding crab, equipped with an exhaust hose and tailpipe adapter, rolls along the rail and can be postioned at any service bay where ventilation is needed.

EuroVent is an extremely flexible and efficient system

Flexible…because the system can be easily sized to fit any shop and easily changes at a future time to increase or decrease shop coverage. Ventilation crabs can be added as needed to handle additional volume.

Efficient…because of the trolley system design. Fewer outlets are required to cover all of the service bays. When not in use, the sliding crabs can be pushed out of the way. And with fewer drops, a smaller exhaust fan can be used, saving cost and energy consumption.