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JohnDow Introduces Fuel Cart Poly Gas Caddies




The Fuel Cart 25-Gallon portable gas caddy has been rigorously tested and is UN/DOT Certified (UN 3H1) for the safe transport of fuel. Made with high molecular weight, high density polyethylene (HMW-HDPE), the Fuel Cart has a stable upright design, is easy to maneuver and can be filled in the horizontal position.

Also available is the new Fuel Cart Rotary Pump Kit designed to make fuel transfer simple and fast when gravity feed is not an option. This optional kit includes a high volume UL Listed rotary pump and mounting hardware to securely attach the pump to the caddy. The heavy-duty pump features a steel rotor and carbon vanes and two-way operation for both dispensing and siphoning of fuel. It can be used with multiple fuels including gasoline, diesel, kerosene and bio-fuels.

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